Matthew Loflin Davis: Rock Sculptures

Neighborhood Installations: Magnolia Neighborhood, Southfield

"The piece has been named 'Respect.' Our neighborhood is called Magnolia, located at 8 Mile and Southfield [The actual location of 'Respect' is at Hollywood and Magnolia Parkway]. The area is graced with towering oak trees and beautiful homes, some dating from the 1920's. Although Ken Siver and I were the major patrons, many neighbors contributed to the cost of the installation. The piece is a unique complement to the neighborhood and symbolizes the essence of our community- respect for each other and for the beauty of the environment. Neighbors agree that the sculpture brings pride and a feeling of 'family' to the area. 'Respect' has become a landmark and focal point of interest for Magnolia. Matthew has created more than a sculpture- he has created a statement that reminds us of our unity and commitment to a higher quality of life. Thanks, Matthew."

--Skip Davis, Southfield, MI

The Magnolia installation was Matthew's first neighborhood installation, his first work funded by multiple patrons, and the first to be constructed using a concrete foundation, reinforcing bars, and mortar as construction elements. Read the press release here.

The Magnolia neighborhood installation:

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